Project Type: COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships


1. IES Infanta ELENA - Spain– Project Leader

2. Milli Eğitim Dernegi Koruma Ilkokulu - Turkey

3. Gymnasieskolan Vipan - Sweden

4. Szkol Zespol miejski Nr 5 w Krosnie - Poland

5. Ist. Istr. Area G. A. Pischedda - Italy

6. József Petzelt szakközépiskola - Hungary

7. Plunges technologijų ir VERSLO mokykla – Lithuania

Duration of project: 2013 – 2015

Budget: 24,000 €

Project  motivation: Due to the improvement of living standards and the great advances in medicine, life expectancy has increased markedly in developed countries, that is why Europeans are now living longer and healthier than ever. However, aging is often associated with the disease and dependence, and older people may feel excluded from employment and family and society. That is why our project is mainly based on two axes: "Fostering intergenerational dialogue" and "Educating in solidarity towards our elders, a fundamental value in our society."

Project  description: in our project we intend to primarily promote understanding and respect between generations and it will be based on two main axes:

1.    Firstly, we will attempt to foster intergenerational dialogue and for that a number of seniors will visit the classrooms where they will keep in contact with students with a twofold purpose:

They will teach our students handicrafts that are becoming extinct and they will also tell their personal experiences (some even may have experienced some periods of war or desolation), so that in some way these experiences will remain on paper and will not die with them.

 Our students will teach the elderly how to use mobile phones and the Internet (in the classroom and outside school hours). With these activities, we will try to convey to them the importance and value they still have in our society. And our students will improve verbal and "real" communication since nowadays they live "too much" in the virtual world of mobile phones, computers and video games.

2.    Secondly, we will create a group of volunteers to go to a nursing home on a regular basis to accompany the elderly, talk to them, walk with them, etc.. In this way we will educate our students in a value that is not currently very fashionable: solidarity. With little effort on their part can make seniors very happy

General objective of the project: to encourage and teach students how to work collaboratively with students from other countries in an informal learning environment, and bring them together with older people to develop an understanding of old age as a stage of life. 

Specific objectives of the project:

1.       To empower students in communication with the elderly.

2.       To encourage students the value of intergenerational solidarity, as well as responsibility, generosity and tolerance.

3.       To use ICT and EFL.

Activities and outcomes:

 A power-point presentation of the school and city

A project website and a COMENIUS corner in each educative center

The "Draw your grandparents“ contest with the winning drawing collected in an international calendar

A project logo contest with the best logo submitted by each country on the website and the final selection of the project’s logo.

 A volunteer blog, where our students will rise photos and share their experiences with the elderly

 A compilation of the great stories of the contest "I lived it“ (as the result of the first meeting students-seniors)

A photo album with the experiences of crafts and dances and traditional games (as the result of the second meeting students-seniors)

 The power point presentation “My grandmother's recipes" made by our students, with the lessons learned from the elderly (as the result of the third meeting students-seniors and after they have experimented in the kitchen together)

•       An International calendar with pictures about volunteering and ICT

•       A leaflet on proverbs and popular phrases and their meanings (as the result of the fourth meeting students-seniors)

•       A photo album on ICT course and another photo album on volunteering

•       A video called "The corner of the grandfather" as an ethnographic presentation of the tools used by our grandparents.


The project will be promoted in our local and regional communities using the media, written interviews to local and regional newspapers and writing articles for magazines, oral and local TV channels by visual presentations that will be made outside school premises. People will be able to visit the website or blog of the association, where all final products will be exhibited. All the outcomes such as brochures, posters, presentations, videos, photographs, etc. will be used as support material for the disemination of our project and the COMENIUS corner will constantly reflect its development.

European added value of the project:

The key issue of the project is to give the message that intergenerational solidarity is essential to the future of Europe. The goal of the project is the elimination of prejudice and discrimination in society against older people and their integration in social and cultural projects. It is important to eliminate the idea that they are an impediment on European society.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication/communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 


 09/2013. Creating a power-point, where every school teaches the rest of their classmates, their characteristics and their city.

 10/2013. First work meeting with the participating countries in Spain, to plan the first course academic activities.

 10/2013. Study for the creation of the website project of volunteering blog and comenius corner in each educative center.

 10/2013. Publication of the contest to create a logo for the project and start the contest.

 11/2013. Creating group of volunteers and making contact with senior centers

 11/2013. Start drawing contest "Draw your grandparents"

 12/2013. Publication of the winning drawings in the project website and the school's Comenius website.

 12/2013. Creating an international calendar with the best drawings of each country.

 01/2014. ROMANIA. Meeting of monitoring, evaluation and project planning, where the logo will be chosen from those project created by all countries.

 01/2014. Publication of the project logo and the logos submitted by each country on the website.

 02/2014. Creation of the volunteer blog, where our students will rise photos and share their experiences with the elderly.

 01/2014. Seniors visits schools and share their time and experiences with our students.

 02/2014. Seniors visits and publishing the contest narrative "I lived", where students will relate personal experiences borne by the elderly.

 03/2014. Publication of the great stories of the contest "I lived it."

 03/2014. LITHUANIA. Meeting to monitoring, evaluating  and planning the project

 04/2014. Seniors visits and teach our students traditional crafts and traditional games and dances

 05/2014. Publication of a photo album with the experiences of crafts and dances and traditional games.

 05/2014. HUNGARY. Evaluation meeting of the first year of the project. Drafting of the interim report.

 10/2014. SWEDEN. Planning for the second year of the project.

 10/2014. Seniors visit school where traditional cuisine speak to our students.

 10/2014. Our students begin the classes to teach seniors about using mobile phones and the Internet.

 11/2014. Publication of Power point "my grandmother's recipes" made by our students, with the lessons learned from the visits of the elderly. Students and seniors will experimenting in the kitchen together.

 12/2014. Publishing a calendar with pictures about volunteering and ICT

 12/2014. ITALY. Meeting to monitoring, evaluating and planning the project.

 01/2015. Older people visit the school and they will talk about popular sayings, explaining its meaning.

 01/2015. Continuation of the classes that our students give seniors about using mobile phones and the Internet.

 03/2015. TURKEY. Meeting to monitoring, evaluating and planning the project

 03/2015. Publication of a leaflet on proverbs and popular phrases and their meanings.

 05/2015. Publication of a photo album on ICT course and another photo album on volunteering.

 05/2015. Exhibition: "The corner of the grandfather" of ethnographic show us utensils used by our grandparents, photos, etc.. There will be a video that will be posted on the project website.

 06/2015. Final project exhibition at a local venue which exhibited all products made and the latest exhibition at the school to outside the school environment has the dissemination of work done by our students in this project.

 05/2015. POLAND. Final meeting where the final report will be prepared and will evaluate the project as a whole.