On 11/07/2013, the partnership project " Intergenerational dialogue" was launched in the local community, specifically at the" Rivulus Pueris" Elderly Center. A group of 16 volunteer students, participants in the project, together with their teachers Marieta Chirileanu, Elena Muntean and Sonia Corpodean visited the centre and had a first meeting with some of the seniors who frequently attend it and who will be also involved in the activities that will unfold over the next two years. They were presented the partnership project. This meeting marks the start of actions that will take place monthly and will be attended by a number of 80 student volunteers, and a large number of teachers from “Avram Iancu" Secondary School, Baia Mare.

AAbout the activity, look for:



On 12th, 13th, 14th November 2013, students engaged in Comenius project "I teach you, you teach me" were divided into three groups to be trained on the issue of volunteering. 

On 12th, 13th, 14th November 2013, students engaged in Comenius project "I teach you, you teach me" were divided into three groups to be trained on the issue of volunteering. The Romanian teacher Gabriela Medan has prepared a Power Point presentation, which sought to define volunteering, highlighting the governing principles of this kind of activity, the necessary qualities of a volunteer and international and local volunteering organizations. It was a good opportunity to remember activities and actions undertaken at “Avram Iancu" Secondary School: "Volunteer in the library," "Let's Do It, Romania!" 2011 and "Planting small trees in the school yard."



On November 28, 2013 from 10:00 am, the volunteering activity "Memories of yesteryear Baia Mare"  took place in" Rivulus Pueris" Center.  This activity is contained in the comprehensive partnership draft between "Avram Iancu"School, Baia Mare and the elderly centre within the Comenius project. nt--> ortunity to remember activities and actions undertaken at “Avram Iancu" Secondary School: "Volunteer in the library," "Let's Do It, Romania!" 2011 and "Planting small trees in the school yard."

Volunteers from grade six B took some photos representing “yesterday and today" Baia Mare and prepared a brief history of the city. There were some debates between students and seniors who participated in the activity. Seniors talked about the first culture and educational institutions that were established in the city, about the schools they followed, the working place they had, the cultural events they attended. In the second part of the activity, the volunteers together with other colleagues who are part of the school choir, presented  a small programme of songs reminding of our homeland  and family connections to the society we live in. "I teach you, teach you me: share wisdom and life".



On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, our school students went to carol the seniors from "Rivulus Pueris" Centre. The group of 20 singers is part of the school choir, conducted by their music teacher, Andreicut Alina .Other 30 students from grade IV C and their teacher, Balan Luminita, joined them. First, the students enchanted the "grandparents,, with a few beautiful, old carols, popular with seniors who rewarded them with sweets and enthusiastic applause. The seniors suggested the students to sing old carols together. This was extremely emotional for both children and grandparents who were all delighted.



The fourth graders B of Secondary School "Avram Iancu" Baia Mare, led by inst. Sonia Maria Corpodean, chose - as the winter holiday gets closer – to bring a ray of light to the elderly hosted by the "Solidarity of Hope" Care Center from Baia Mare within the partnership our school has with this institution, through the Comenius project "I teach you, you teach me: share wisdom and life". Thus, on December 19th, 2013 we stepped excitedly the threshold of this institution, whose proper functioning is in the charge of Mrs. Maria Cristea who takes good care of all these people, along with her family members and employees.

Thanks to the initiative of the parents, besides the small concert, the children could provide some gifts consisting of music CDs typical for this period, ornamental Christmas trees, fruit and sweets. Mrs. Maria Cristea rewarded the small singers with gingerbread, cake and juice. But what remained truly valuable in everybody’s soul, was the unique feeling of connection between generations born by sharing impressions, small stories of the grandparents who suddenly were able to descend the ladder of time and bring to light fond memories of their years of school. And for a few minutes, the childhood holy light that descends on all of us around Christmas, filled the atmosphere. Our departure was quite delayed because most of the children felt the cozy atmosphere and asked if there would be other occasions to come here with colleagues or individually. The seniors thanked for this initiative, especially because the children were eager to find out more about their life experiences. Our promise was that we would return soon and that we would give them a small album of photographs taken during this visit.



The "Rivulus Pueris" Center hosted on 12 th February 2014 another meeting of seniors who attend this place, with secondary school students from "Avram Iancu" School Baia Mare. This time pupils IV and VII-A grades teamed up with the ladies present for the activity; they were offered songs to listen to, both old music, and modern rhythms. The five teams thus constituted identified the 10 songs chosen by the teacher Alina Andreicut, and what’s more, they even succeeded to find out the composer, the singer and the song title. One of the ladies noticed that the students already have a solid foundation of music culture as they recognized less popular and appreciated songs by young people today. The recital of the school vocal group together with student Iulia Roman (VII grade A) impressed all participants. “Retro music versus nowadays generation music" finally proved a bridge between generations; it expanded and enriched spiritually each of those present.
 The Center hosts called for us to organize another meeting in which the most talented of seniors and children to compete in a karaoke contest..  



Friday,28th February, seven pupils from third grade B, together with our school's volunteering team, supervised by Mrs. Berlinger Maria and Mrs.Chirileanu Mariete, went to” Rivulus Pueris” Centre, in order to carry out the activity entitled "Fireside games". This activity was part of the Comenius Project "I teach you, you teach me: share wisdom and life".


Within the above mentioned activity, we were accompanied by two grannies: Onita Ana and Hanos Elena, who offered to give us a helping hand. The children brought with them chess, remy and scrabble. After having arrived, we divided into teams, so that each table could have both pupils and elderly people. Consequently, the youngsters showed interest in learning and playing chess, remy and scrabble with the elderly. Seeing that not all the students were familiar with the rules of the games, the elderly were more than pleased to teach them. The seniors expressed interest in the activity, telling us that they relived the moments they had played chess, remy or scrabble together with their families.

The activity had a great impact on the students, as well as on the grandparents. As a result, a strong connection was created between the two generations.



Friday,21st March 2014, at 12 o'clock, the pupils from second grade B, accompanied by the volunteers from the eight grade B, decided to bring a ray of hope on the faces of the elderly from the” Rivulus Pueris” Centre. The volunteering activity called "Spring revives hope" was included within the partnership project "I teach you, you teach me: share wisdom and life".




The activity began with the organization of the teams: seven teams that were made up of grandparents, pupils and volunteers .Each team had to write the first words that crossed their minds when hearing the word "spring". Once the tree of ideas carried out, the participants transposed themselves into the "spring atmosphere":life, cheerfulness, love, solace and sun. And since spring is thought to be the season of flowers and also because in March we celebrate Mother's Day, we decided to create roses out of colourful paper, that were offered as gifts to the attending grandparents, as symbols of our appreciation and love.


Step by step, the participants completed each task: they cut out, then placed the petals, the strain and the leaves, until the fruit of their labour had finally taken shape. In the end, every team managed to put together a bunch of roses.


By the end of the activity, the thrill had already reached its peak. A special moment was when the children sang the following song to the elderly:

 "This delicate song


For my grandparents I have learned


To tell them how much I love them


How much I cherish them


My dear, beloved grandparents."



 Spring, the season of joy, gave both the elderly and the youngsters the opportunity to share feelings, emotion and happiness.


8th May 2014-The elderly from “Rivulus Pueris” Centre participated in the activity " Forever young”, organized by the members of our school's volunteering team (grade seven B),led by Mrs. Berlinger Maria and Mrs. Petretchi Smaranda. Within the activity, we were assisted by two grannies: Onita Ana and Hanos Elena, who offered to lend us a hand.


In order to achieve success with our activity, the pupils prepared different genders of music to fit everyone's tastes (pop, dance, country etc). Once there, Mrs.Berlinger Maria initiated a conversation about music and the stages of life. Both the elderly and the youngsters shared their opinions with regard to the mentioned topics. Afterwards, we turned the music on, pairing ourselves, so that each pupil could invite a senior to dance.


The youngsters presented interest in learning how to dance folk dances and waltz. Since not all the children knew the steps of each dance, the elderly were thrilled to teach them.


The activity achieved its desired goal: it had a great impact not only on the youngsters, but also on the elderly. 




On the 17th June 2014,a group of volunteers, members of the Comenius Project "I teach you, you teach me: share wisdom and life" from school "Avram Iancu", Baia Mare, took part in a hike, together with the elderly from the “Rivulus Pueris” Centre. The goal of the hike was to collect medicinal plants, about which the pupils could learn.

The students, together with the grandparents, gathered mint, kettle, linden, celandine, chicory and, afterwards, they were all hosted by one of the youngsters who lived nearby. Over a glass of lemonade, t hey debated about the importance of medicinal plants; the children learned how to collect, dry and use each plant.

The activity was extremely enjoyable, in spite of the heat and tiredness. Everybody felt they had gained a lot from participating in the "collaboration between generations".




October 16th, 2014 ... Rainy day, but cosy and emotional because grandparents and grandchildren gathered together in the information and documentation centre from our school to compare the educational system from the past with the present one. Excerpts from the work of Ion Ghica, Nicolae Iorga and Grigore Băjenaru were read, to evoke the atmosphere of old schools, as it appear in literature.. Then, the grandparents started to remember school days from their childhood. They talked about compulsory education, about the grading system, about the rigor of regulations and school attire and, of course, the teacher-student relationship. It was pointed out how much learning motivation mattered (pupils and students were rewarded with scholarships that provided a decent living in  boarding schools and free camps); the teachers exercising their profession and vocation were adequately compensated for this and the respect for learning and for those working in the system was real.
Students could notice the differences between the way they are taught and graded today as compared with the approach in the past, what people learned in the past and what they learn now, or the different ages they started and graduated school in the past as compared to nowadays. The activity established an arch over time, in the course of which everybody had something to say.




On 10th October 2014, a group of eight volunteers from grades: V-A, VI B and VII B participated in a volunteering activity at the association "Solidarity of Hope ", a nursing home for elderly people. Volunteering in this institution represents a significant part of the Comenius project "I teach you, teach you me: share wisdom and life" which will continue to be held throughout the entire school year 2014-2015.




On arrival at the center, Mrs. Maria Cristea, the association manager greeted us, introduced us to the seniors and initiated a dialogue between them and the children. e wisdom and life" which will continue to be held throughout the entire school year 2014-2015.



After moments of inherent embarrassment everyone relaxed and discussions took on a natural course, each side trying to find out about each other, so as to familiarize themselves with each other.


Further, two teams of students and seniors were organized and they started playing rummy; two of the girls offered to help one of the "grandmothers" - older and sick - to complete her breakfast. 


 A collaborative and friendly atmosphere installed and everyone enjoyed primarily the presence of others: the children were glad to be in a different place other than the classroom, having the opportunity to provide some comfort and warmth; the seniors, to have a new, young and fresh presence, standing by them.


And if at our arrival the dog Toby, big and hairy, seemed very hostile, when leaving the center,  he hardly separated the children  and  even gave them his paw not only “to say farewell” , but also " to invite"  them to return. What they promised to do.



On November 3rd, 2014 - a volunteering action, "Fall through the eyes of a child", initiated within the partnership with “Rivulus Pueris” Center, took place on two distinct levels:  a volunteering activity with students from "Avram Iancu" Secondary School in October in school and a joint action outside the school with seniors from "Rivulus Pueris" Centre, completed on 3rd November, 2014.

The volunteer students, under the direction of their teacher Mrs. Adela Pop, made drawings outdoors, with the real support of autumn scenery. Mrs. Alina Andreicut taught them songs with appropriate themes to the season.




When the group of students met the group of seniors, they shared opinions about “the most colourful and spectacular” season of the year; then, the volunteers presented their work - the drawings – and sang  typical autumn songs for the “grannies”.

(prof. Elena Muntean)



On 26th   November 2014, “Rivulus Pueris” Center  was again the host of a Comenius project activity, namely "Together in the Age of Technology",  activity included in the partnership concluded with this institution. The ten volunteer students from"Avram Iancu" Secondary School, Baia Mare, from the seventh grade A , helped the seniors  learn to use the Internet in order  to search for information about  winter holidays, recipes, interior and exterior arrangements, DIY ideas etc. 




In addition, the meeting created an opportunity to solve some problems cropped up on logging in, browsing the Internet, access e-mail addresses, Facebook or Mess. Students found it difficult to explain seniors processes which they are very familiar with and to adjust the language so as to make themselves better understood. The activity ended with the promise that there will be other such meetings, one of the grandmothers saying that whenever they encounter a problem with their computer, they will know to turn to our school.

(PROF. Sonia Corpodean)



On 17th  December 2014, the volunteer students in the Comenius project at” Avram Iancu” Secondary School attended the activity  “Christmas in the world”,held  at” Rivulus Pueris” Center.  When students arrived there, the elderly were waiting for them on site, around a nicely decorated fir tree.

 The children, accompanied by guitar, presented a beautiful pot - pourri of international  and, of course, Romanian carols to the delight of those present, which ultimately have applauded the children thanking them for this gesture.


The activity had its climax when the volunteers offered bags with goodies to the seniors, following a protocol established between this institution and our school. 

(prof. Marieta Chirilean)



On Wednesday, January 28th , 2015, a team of volunteers in Comenius project "I teach you, teach you me: share wisdom and life" participated in the activity "Spring, season of joy" at "Rivulus Pueris" Centre. Students prepared materials to adorn windows and houses, to welcome spring, together with some senior ladies from the centre.


After the rest of the winter, all nature comes to life. To mark the shift from the specifically cold winter season to the joy of nature rebirth which spring comes with and to awaken children's interest,  "grandmothers"  told them about  the activities they used to do in their childhood, at the change of the seasons. The children presented the materials they had prepared and revealed their intentions over the works they were about to achieve. Four working groups were organized.  The practical work they made, the result of creativity, imagination and aesthetic sense – were designed to meet not only a utilitarian role, but particularly to satisfy the need for beauty. 


Garlands, baskets they can put flowers and painted eggs for Easter Feast - the great celebration of this season, the flowers prepared to adorn - all these products will decorate the center where the activity took place and the classrooms of the volunteer students.

This activity, by means of which expressiveness and creativity were stimulated and the inter-networking communication between children and seniors continued to improve, was enjoyable and relaxing for all the participants, regardless of age. 

(prof. Balan Luminita)



On 25th February,2015, another volunteering activity, namely "Traditions of spring", was organized    at “ Rivulus Pueris” Centre which was also included in the  Comenius  partnership settled with this institution. 

The activity was attended by volunteer students of "Avram Iancu" Secondary School and seniors from the center. The discussions were extremely interesting. The elderly talked about habits practiced in different regions of our country, but mostly in our county with the arrival of spring. Palm Celebration habits of St. George, the Resurrection and those related to spring agricultural works have aroused great interest from the students. 


The students were not far behind, either. "Armed" with information acquired from their grandparents, from books or the Internet, they revealed the seniors some old traditional habits (some of them long forgotten), or customs from other regions of the country. There was little surprise to hear about the old Beating of the earth with a rolling pin to chase the winter, usually practiced on the 9th of March, about the Martyrs, or the “birds’ fiancé” as Dragobete is dubbed.. 


The activity proved to be pleasant and invigorating for both students and seniors.

 A consemnat Prof. Smaranda Petretchi



On March 31st , 2015, a few volunteer students in the Comenius project "I teach you, teach you me: share wisdom and life" from grade VII A, met with seniors from "Rivulus Pueris" Center to watch together the film "Book Thief," after  a novel written by Markus Zsuzsak.

Held under the banner of “I teach you, you teach me", the activity had the objective of strengthening the relationship between young people and old ones, through art. The film captures precisely the importance of the elderly in the life of a young girl, the inheritance a father can leave   to his foster daughter in a terrible period in which reading becomes a form of survival. 


Even if the film captures the suffering and sorrow in times of balance, the action received interest from both seniors and students, perhaps because of the message it conveys: that goodness can prevail when people realize the supreme value – shared humanity. 

( prof. Gabriela Medan )



Throughout October 2013 and May 2015, the volunteer students in the Comenius project "I teach you, teach you me: share wisdom and life", were involved in a number of volunteering activities  with  "Rivulus Pueris" Center, and the Association "Solidarity of Hope", both from Baia Mare. Each of these activities were described and published on the website, on the "Volunteering" page. Points of view and opinions of students participating in these activities were expressed and subsequently translated into English and posted on the project blog, where they can be viewed. As it was designed from the beginning, at all volunteering actions sequences and relevant images were selected which all contributed to making a photo album entitled “The most volunteers of the volunteers." The album can be viewed here:  Photo album



On 27th May 2015, the volunteer students  from grades VI A and B  took part in the last meeting within the Comenius project with  the seniors from "Rivulus Pueris" Centre. This time they performed the sketch "Prince Charming when he was little," a good opportunity to become aware of the existing relationships between the generations in the modern era.  The seniors noticed the timeless theme of the sketch and appreciated the performance of the students. 


The second part of the reunion  resulted in a unique invitation to tea, during which the students presented “the  tea story “, mainly small stories on the origin, customs, traditions and rituals of serving tea  with peoples of Europe and Asia. 



The activity was also attended  by students from preparatory  Class B who got familiar with this type of activity, assuming that in the future they will participate in such meetings themselves. 



 prof. Sonia Maria Corpodean